Jurisdiction & Maintenance

Fourteen Building Trades International Unions are signatory to the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA), including the IABSORIW. Through this Agreement, job opportunities for our union membership are increased. The Agreement primarily covers industrial maintenance of steel mills, auto plants, chemical plants and similar facilities and through it thousands of members gain the equivalent of full-time employment every year.

The National Maintenance Agreement Department oversees the technical and administrative aspects of the National Maintenance Agreement and in that capacity performs a number of functions essential to protect our union membership. These include:

  • Handling all disputes on National Maintenance Agreement approved jobsites.
  • Filing and presenting all grievances worked under the National Maintenance Agreement.
  • Presenting jurisdictional cases before the Permanent Umpire under the NMA guidelines.

NMAPC Book of Decisions

The Jurisdiction Department, for the purpose of protecting disputed work with other trades out in the field, also provides all local unions and district councils with evidence regarding the Iron Workers jurisdiction or work. When appropriate, the Department files jurisdictional disputes against other trades and assigns International representatives to those disputes for a thorough investigation. If it becomes necessary to take a jurisdictional dispute before an Arbitrator, the Jurisdiction Department is responsible for doing so.